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The BEST place to learn

all about Android & Technology

I host bi-monthly Android and technology related live

video broadcasts on YouTube and Google+ Hangouts

where we discuss and teach the world about the stuff

people have always been interested in knowing about.

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Overcome Addiction, Compulsion,

and Fear with Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a lifetime tool.

Once you have it, you own the most powerful

resource for change, for relaxation, that exists.

And once it is yours, no one can take it from you.

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Scrubs and Lab Coats

that ANYONE could afford!

Wear2Care offers the LOWEST prices on the internet, and if not,

they will match the price of its competitors! How can you beat that?

I created this web site using the Zen Cart e-commerce engine and added a twist of

jQuery to its home page. Also has a custom CMS admin panel to add items easily.

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Delivering more

than groceries & goods

An exclusive delivery service catering to

Williamsburg's favorite restauraunts or

stores that do not deliver.

Check out the intricate detail and

features of the completely revamped web site!

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Slicing through

a whole new design & layout.

Welcome to Nubreed Martial Arts, one of the

most reputable academies with direct training lineage

to the late Bruce Lee. This line of ancestry is evident

in the innovative teaching methods utilized by the

founders of Nubreed, which were developed and imparted

by Bruce Lee. Check out the new and improved design!

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Instant Assistance

For Android Owners

A new help channel has formed for Android Devices.

This is a forum/IRC portal to get instant answers

if your ever stuck trying to fix your phone or tablet.

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Cleaning Up the Streets


One of the top Counterstrike Source clans

in the world gets to show off their

waste management skills.

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of Transit & Commute

Everyone has an interesting story to share when it comes

to your daily commute.

Until now there was never a place to tell it.

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REAL Chicken

from a Palace

The biggest problem with major food chains

is that they mass produce their speciality meat, which

really means injecting harmones & steroids. Not here.

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From beyond the mind

Professional Illusionist Michael Karl

proves that you can amaze and confuse

the most intelligent people with magic.

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